Give to Good Cheer Food Bank During the GiveBigWA campaign on May 4 & 5

Many nonprofits benefit from the annual GiveBigWA campaign taking place this year online on May 4 & 5. 
You needn’t wait until then to give, however. We love early bird donations!  Just click here to go to the GiveBig portal.
Last year nearly $13,000 in donations were raised during this two-day event.  This year, would you help us meet our goal of $25,000? Share the link with your friends and post it on your Facebook timeline. 
During the GiveBIG statewide fundraising campaign, individuals and organizations come together across Washington to invest in our community. When we give, we take a proactive step towards creating the society we want to live in.
Thanks to our very caring community for helping us to create a hunger-free community!

Clyde Theatre’s Magic Jar Raises More Than $10,205 for Good Cheer Food Bank


Patrons of Langley’s Clyde Theatre have seen a mason jar on the snack bar labeled “The Magic Change Jar” since 2009.

It looks like a tip jar, but it’s way better than that. What makes it magic is that when a patron puts in a dollar, it is matched (usually with a limit of $250) by the Clyde and four partners, (currently Island Athletic Club, South Whidbey Assembly of God, Richard and Christine Epstein and Kevin of Edward Jones Investments and Mary Jane Lungren), so that dollar “magically” becomes five dollars and is donated to a local nonprofit. Since 2009, almost $100,000 has been raised and donated to local causes.

With the temporary closure of the Clyde a year ago due to COVID precautions, the partners thought it was important to continue to support the South Whidbey community, so they established a “Virtual Magic Change Jar” and focus their efforts on a single local cause: Good Cheer Food Bank

Last March they asked Clyde patrons to send checks made out to Good Cheer to be matched by The Clyde, Island Athletic Club, South Whidbey Assembly of God, Richard and Christine Epstein, and Kevin and Mary Jane Lungren.  That drive resulted in a total of $5,405 to help our neighbors  and their families. In December, one of the partners suggested another VMCJ drive and thanks to the generosity of the South Whidbey community and the MCJ partners (some of whom matched considerably more than the pledged $250) we were able to send another $4,800 to Good Cheer.

With only a few dollars going through the actual mason jar, the community has gathered and matched $10,205 for Good Cheer.  It’s pretty close to magic, and definitely a testament to the generosity of South Whidbey businesses and residents.

The Magic Jar was the idea of the late Lynn Willeford, a beloved local founder of several charities.  Good Cheer also received many donations in honor of Lynn, who cited the Food Bank (where she was also a volunteer) as a designee of in memoriam funds.

Good Cheer thanks the Willeford family, the four Magic Jar partners, and the general community for their generosity.  Additional good news is that the Clyde Theatre will be re-opening soon!