Recycling Quilt Silent Auction at Langley Good Cheer Thrift Store

Something exciting is coming to the Good Cheer Thrift Store in Langley. Drum roll please…… From March 31 through April 13, a silent auction will be held for artist Sara Benum’s stunning, County Fair Award-Winning wall quilt with all proceeds going to Good Cheer!
Stop by the Linen Room at Good Cheer Langley Thrift Store.
The Crazy Quilt style wall quilt is 5 feet wide and 6.5 long (in the photos it is folded in half over a holder) and has top and bottom pockets for rods or dowels.
We’ll announce the winner on Good Cheer’s Facebook page, April 14. Don’t miss the chance to support Good Cheer and make this beautiful piece yours!
Auction Rules
1. Please register with the front desk. They will get your name and contact information and give you a bid number.
2. Return to the Linen Room where the quilt is displayed, record your bid number and the amount you wish to bid on the Bid Sheet.
3. There is a starting bid of $200 for this item.
4. We ask that subsequent bids be in increments of at least $10.
Bidding begins at 12 noon on March 31 and ends at close of business on April 13. The winner will be announced on the Good Cheer Facebook page and notified April 14.
Artist’s Statement…
“For many years I’ve been passionate about recycling, repurposing, and walking lightly on the earth. I’ve saved buttons and bits of antique lace, pieces of my mother’s embroidery, and scraps from old sewing projects.
I have been a Good Cheer volunteer since about 2000, and for the past several years, I’ve been working at home sorting and pricing crafts and fabrics for Good Cheer Thrift in Clinton. While engaged in this work, the idea occurred to me to create a Crazy Quilt from my stash, incorporating some small pieces I bought at Good Cheer.
I had never made a Crazy Quilt before, so I learned as I went along. Since my husband was retired, I made use of his silk neckties and gleaned items from my mother’s scrap bag. Friends who heard about my plan gave me bits from their own collections as the project grew.
There is nothing new in this quilt. I laundered an old flannel sheet for the batting, and my daughter donated a velvet trade-show drapery for the backing. I embroidered recycling and environmental sayings here and there and dubbed the work my “Recycling Quilt.”  The whole project took me about four years, on and off, to complete. “
Sara Benum
March 17, 2021
Many thanks to new Good Cheer Board member Kristie Kujawski for organizing the silent auction.

Clyde Theatre’s Magic Jar Raises More Than $10,205 for Good Cheer Food Bank


Patrons of Langley’s Clyde Theatre have seen a mason jar on the snack bar labeled “The Magic Change Jar” since 2009.

It looks like a tip jar, but it’s way better than that. What makes it magic is that when a patron puts in a dollar, it is matched (usually with a limit of $250) by the Clyde and four partners, (currently Island Athletic Club, South Whidbey Assembly of God, Richard and Christine Epstein and Kevin of Edward Jones Investments and Mary Jane Lungren), so that dollar “magically” becomes five dollars and is donated to a local nonprofit. Since 2009, almost $100,000 has been raised and donated to local causes.

With the temporary closure of the Clyde a year ago due to COVID precautions, the partners thought it was important to continue to support the South Whidbey community, so they established a “Virtual Magic Change Jar” and focus their efforts on a single local cause: Good Cheer Food Bank

Last March they asked Clyde patrons to send checks made out to Good Cheer to be matched by The Clyde, Island Athletic Club, South Whidbey Assembly of God, Richard and Christine Epstein, and Kevin and Mary Jane Lungren.  That drive resulted in a total of $5,405 to help our neighbors  and their families. In December, one of the partners suggested another VMCJ drive and thanks to the generosity of the South Whidbey community and the MCJ partners (some of whom matched considerably more than the pledged $250) we were able to send another $4,800 to Good Cheer.

With only a few dollars going through the actual mason jar, the community has gathered and matched $10,205 for Good Cheer.  It’s pretty close to magic, and definitely a testament to the generosity of South Whidbey businesses and residents.

The Magic Jar was the idea of the late Lynn Willeford, a beloved local founder of several charities.  Good Cheer also received many donations in honor of Lynn, who cited the Food Bank (where she was also a volunteer) as a designee of in memoriam funds.

Good Cheer thanks the Willeford family, the four Magic Jar partners, and the general community for their generosity.  Additional good news is that the Clyde Theatre will be re-opening soon!